Hello everybody!
Here we are!

Here’s what you need to know how to have some beautiful translations:
Just take 4 students attending the same university (SSML Gregorio VII), having the same objectives and thoughts…put them into a cybernetic bowl;
Add a pinch of inventiveness and creativity to the mixture, as needed;
Stir and combine with a good deal of sympathy, knowledge, love for languages, will to learn and teach everything we’ve learnt thanks to our professors and our headmaster and teacher Adriana Bisirri;
Please, do not forget to let the mixture rest for a few minutes so that the knowledge of the various subjects is absorbed properly and…
Voilà! Here’s to you…..the World of Translators!

Just to let you better understand: we work with languages.
Everything that revolves around the use of a language, idiomatic expressions, grammar, syntax, lexical doubts, reading, video listening comprehension…everything!
We are “linguomaniacs”, and we tell you why. We will give our help when you decide to work for someone who wants you to know languages other than your mother tongue, when you want to work abroad without knowing the language well. And why not? Making you feel more confident in doing exams or classworks; or just understand the interview on YouTube of your favourite actor, football player, singer, presenter, politician…

But there is much more in the world of translators!
In our blog we do our best to let you know, as soon as they come out, all world’s news, curiosities and gossips that sometimes, unfortunately, lose their initial importance/intensity once coming in Italy (through the Italian politically correct eye).
We’re here to let everybody understand that languages are of the utmost importance because they’re the code which allows the world to get in touch and to have interpersonal relationships.

Breath the world and soak up the International atmosphere with us! STAY TUNED!


Flaminia Filanci
Mariarosa Primerano
Giuseppe Puzzo Balluzzo
Alessandra Righi



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